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Always maintaining a global view, Asian Arts Connection© (“AAC”) is a Shanghai and Berlin-based arts management company.  It exists to serve the arts and artists by promoting Western Performing Arts within China and Chinese Performing Arts abroad.

It operates performances of many first-class troupes and artists such as Berlin Symphonies, The Music ambassador of 2006 World Cup Max Raabe and the Palast Orchestra, Pasadena Roof Orchestra, 12 Tenors, Broadway show Luma, The Berliner Philhamoniker quartet, Conductor Lior Shamabdal, Italy soprano Silvia Colombini, French Pianist Kim Barbier etc, as well as overseas tours of many excellent Chinese programs like Dynamic Yunnan “Shangrila”.

Asian Arts Connection.Shanghai (“AAC Shanghai”) is one of the most successful agencies for promoting foreign cultural and art projects in China. AAC Shanghai has successfully managed and marketed many China Tours for performing arts projects of various styles – including Musicals, Symphony Orchestras, Chamber Music, Recitals, Dance, Opera, Jazz, etc.

AAC Shanghai is acclaimed for its reliable and efficient China Tour network system. There are over a thousand partners of AAC Shanghai throughout China, including local theaters, concert halls, performance culture companies, and event producers. AAC Shanghai also enjoys well established connections and the support of many local governments and foreign embassies.

Over and over again, international arts projects promoted and managed by AAC Shanghai gain great publicity in each tour venue. AAC Shanghai has been continually bridging between artists and enthusiastic audiences across China, as well as rewarding artists with achieving their financial expectations for their outstanding performance.

Furthermore, AAC Shanghai provides consulting services regarding the Chinese Cultural and Arts market. With its broad array of knowledge and connections, AAC Shanghai handles all the promotional tasks within China with skill and ease. Its experienced and professional staff also assists in not only managing the tours, but also the company’s PR activities throughout China in terms of allowing clients like you to enjoy a smooth and pleasant “China Tour”.

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